My name is Rikki-Lea and I live in sub-tropical Queensland. Throughout my studies in sustainability and landscape design, I have learnt that urbanisation can be both a positive and a negative. Increasingly, our planet is becoming urban, with more and more people moving to cities, towns and villages. As our population grows, our cities battle for space and concrete and steel have come to replace forest and field.

This separation between urbanites and nature is becoming evident, but increasingly we are asking for green space to be reintroduced to our cities. We are beginning to realise that landscaping makes us healthier, happier and more connected with each other and the planet.

That's why I decided to start this page, Heirloom Earth. Focusing on sharing urban greening stories from both the perspective of social and environmental sustainability, I hope to meld creativity and social science to inspire, spread ideas, and build knowledge of emerging solutions that are helping to work towards a more sustainable future.

I am an amateur photographer with a focus on wildlife, urban and landscape photography, and enjoy weaving images and words to create inspiration for thought and change.